What Is the Average Penis Size?

Men have a fascination with the length of their penis – admit it. Every man has questioned whether they had a small, big or average penis size during their life. But the problem is that people really didn’t know what “average” really means.

Is there an average dick size?

If you ask this question to most men, they’ll have no idea. But researches have done a comprehensive study on the matter to find out what average really means.

King’s College London Review

kings college of london penis size study

King’s College in London conducted a review of 17 studies that included a total of 15,000 men.

The study found that the average penis size when flaccid was:

  • – 3.6” in length
  • – 3.67” in circumference, or girth

But this is when a man is flaccid or “soft.”

When you get an erection, the figures are much different. Even the average penis girth is bigger when a man’s penis is erect. The data revealed the average penis measurements of:

  • – 5.16” in length
  • – 4.59” in circumference, or girth

There was a lot more information provided from the study, too. Those guys that brag “I’m 7 inches long” are either lying, or one of the very few men that can brag about their penis size and be telling the truth.

What Is Considered a Big Penis?

“I have a massive penis” is something every man and woman hears at least once in their lives. Men often feel the need to shout their penis size out to the world, and I’m sure a lot of them are boasting about a penis that’s smaller than what they proclaim.

what is considered a big penis

I’m not the type of guy to go around proclaiming that I have a big dick.

But these weird occurrence(s) do leave a question unanswered: how big is a big penis?

Trust me, you don’t want to do a Google search looking for pictures to compare. You’ll be left feeling inadequate, as pictures pop up of guys with an 8-inch dick – or those freaks of nature that must be part horse.

I’m not even sure their partner enjoys the massive rod on their men when they rival a horse.

Big dick problems exist – I suppose.

And the one question I want to ask you is what defines a big dick? Some men proclaim to have a big dick, and in their mind, their 5-inch penis can rival Ron Jeremy. The next guy can say the same thing and pull out a 7-inch penis, which is damn impressive.

Obviously, our team at SizeGeneticsForSale.com has spent a lot of time trying to distinguish how big a big penis is, and the best I can do is give you the statistics; the cold hard facts on the average penis size.

my sizegenetics results

George Costanza’s “I was in the pool” line made audiences die with laughter in the 90s. George was talking about his shrinkage when he got out of the pool. Television makes having a smaller member a good laugh.

But, no man will laugh when he’s told he has a small penis – when it’s meant seriously.

Since there is little men can do (extenders and pills help) to change their penis size, it hits hard when a guy finds out he is a little on the small side.

The British Journal of Urology International decided to put an end to the large penis debate. I’m sure some member of the research team was as tired as I am having people ask if they have a big dick.

So, instead of just nodding, the researchers did the smart thing: answered the question of “what is the average dick size.”

When working with averages, it’s easier to determine what dick is big and what dick is small.

And if you’re the type of guy to have his feelings hurt, stop reading.

If you’re a truth seeker like me, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

The average male penis is:

  • 3.61” when flaccid
  • 5.16” when erect

Girth, or the circumference of the penis, is an average of 4.59” when erect.

How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

If you fall between the range of 5” to 5.25”, you’ll find that you’re average. You can stop having a bragging contest with every man you come across and realize you’re average. And there’s nothing wrong with average when you know how to work with your penis.

Keep in mind that penis size studies are all over the place.

The reason I chose this study is because it compiled the data from 17 academic papers that measured a man’s penis size. So, instead of a small sample size, this data comes from over 15,000 men.

How Do You Even Measure?

Girth Excercies

If you’re asking how to measure your penis, go and make yourself a cup of coffee really quick because you’re going to need it. Luckily for you, I’ve already delved deep into this topic before, and you can read about it right here on this blog.

How to measure your penis size correctly.

Yup – correctly.

I can’t tell you how many people stop measuring half way down their penis rod. I often wonder if they just stop mid-thrust and think that’s all they have to offer.

I really dig deep in that article, and it even talks about the average penis size by race.

And if you can’t figure it out after that, there’s no hope for you. I’ve made it as simple as possible to learn how to measure your dick.

I even added how to measure your girth.

You can also view the breakdown of the in another article I wrote.

So… How Big is a Big Penis?

I get it, you want to know if you have a large penis and not a load of statistics. Every man wants to be special, and if you have a 6-inch penis, you’ll be happy to know you’re outside of the average range.

But, don’t get too happy.

Penis size statistics are skewed. You put in a few men with micro penises, and the next thing you know a 5-inch penis is akin to Godzilla.

Huffington Post broke it down for us (thank you) so that we can better differentiate between penis size statistics:

  • 1-inch– 4-inch: When you’re in this range, you’ll want to consider using an extender. You might have a micro penis, and it gets worse. A man with a 4-inch penis is only larger than 1% of the population – likely adolescents.
  • 5-inch: If you’re sitting there with a 5-inch penis in hand, know that only 14.3% of the population has a smaller penis. Sorry.
  • 6-inch: When you get to the six-inch mark, you should put a smile on your face. Those people with a 6-inch penis (I’m looking at you with the puffy chest), can find joy in 55.9% of the population having a smaller dick.
  • 7-inch: We’re reaching weapon size here. A man with a 7” penis has reason to boast because 91% of the population has a smaller penis.
  • 8-inch: The 8” and beyond range is truly massive, and this is when big dick problems start to occur. 99.4% of the population has a smaller penis then you.

Don’t think penis size stops here. There are a select few with a 12” penis, and some may even push 13”.

We feel like when you’re bigger than 90% of the population, you have a large penis.

I mean, you can line up 100 men, and 90 of them will walk away in shame when you drop your pants. That’s some bragging rights.

So, if you’re in the 7” range, tuck that bad boy in and walk away with pride.

Those genetic freaks pushing 8” or more, you’re akin to a lion – you’re the king of the jungle. I am sure your partner is sore after intercourse, and who can blame her? She would be lucky to find someone as massive as you.

Another study found that if you’re between 5.5” and 6.5”, you’re within the 65% of men range. Only 22.7% of men have a penis that’s 6.75” or larger, so if you’re in this range, you’re in the exclusive range if you ask me.

The numbers quickly drop over the 7” range, and by the time you reach 7”, you’re larger than 91 out of 100 men.

Again, the measurements change, but anything 7” or larger deserves bragging rights in all circumstances. One study suggests that 17% of men have a 7” penis, and the same study drops to 7.5% of men when considering a 7.25” penis.  So, even on the low end, you’re a beast.

What Is The Perfect Penis Size?  Is there an ideal size?

“He’s hung like a horse.” Every man dreams of women gushing over the size of his penis.

Maybe it’s a part of a man’s psychology to satisfy his woman, or maybe it has something to do with ego and competition.

But the one thing that we do know is that there is a perfect penis size.

Perfect Penis

What men don’t realize is that some women love the Zeus penis that fills them up, and other women find a massive penis utterly painful. Heck, it beats the poor micro penis for sure, but chances are, she wants to be able to walk out of the bed when she’s done having sex.

There’s also no shame in being average (for the most part).

Every woman is a little different.

Some like 5″ and some prefer 7,” while others say it’s all in the motion and feeling in the room.

perfect penis size
This smile is the goal.

So in this respect, it depends on your partner.

If you want your partner to talk about your penis as the one she’ll never forget, you’ll need to be 7” or larger.

This is when you reach legend status in her inner circle, and kudos to you.

Marie Claire polled women on this very subject, and it’s a little disappointing for most men.

The survey, conducted on 75 women using prosthetics of all shapes and sizes, found women prefer a penis that’s:

  • 3” in length
  • 8” in girth

During a fling, women want an even bigger penis of 6.4” with a girth of 5”.

So, all those times your partner sat there and told you that you were the “perfect” size, it was all a lie. If she had her choice, she would choose a penis that’s a little thicker and longer than the average – if the average is under 6.5”, depending on the study.

If you have a smaller penis, I encourage you to browse through our site a little longer and read up on some of the latest techniques to help you get a bigger penis – without the need for surgery.

What Size Do Women Prefer? We Have the Answers

University of New Mexico and UCLA researchers did something really neat to determine the preferred penis size. What these brainiacs did was genius: they used 3D printed penises in a study to find the penis size women preferred.

What they did was create 33 different penises that vary in length and circumference.

And 75 women were tasked with selecting a penis for:

  1. Long-term partners
  2. One-night stands

The 75 women chose the following “perfect penises”

  • Long-term Partner: 6.3″ in length and 4.8″ circumference
  • One-Night Stand: 6.4″ in length and 5″ circumference

So, women want something a little different when in a one-night stand situation. That’s likely attributed to the “trying something new” feeling and wanting a man just a little bigger. Preference shows that women want different sizes at different times and for different reasons.

It’s kind of confusing, but most women are confusing.

An interesting tidbit from the study shows that:

  • 15 women left relationships because their man was too small (a part of the issue)
  • 5 women left relationships because their man was too big

See, some tearing occurs during intercourse, but when a man’s penis is too thick and long? Ouch.

If you’re hanging your head in shame thinking, “I knew she was lying. I don’t have a penis that big,” well, the good news is that the person’s character is a million times more important than their size.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be an amazing guy that’s using male enhancement exercises to better himself in bed.

Why not have that awesome personality be met with a bedroom experience that puts 50 Shades of Grey to shame?

If you want some reassurance, here’s what a few women say:

  • Shorter than 5″ and it doesn’t feel like anything
  • Average is better than a big dick
  • How happy the penis is to see me naked matters most
  • Huge dicks are scary and painful
  • My ex had a small dick, but he always got me off

So, you have a few things to work on:

  1. Get her off and she will love you
  2. Practice your skills (mix it up, and try different positions)
  3. Work on your thickness

A lot of women want their men to be thicker (longer helps hit the right spot, too). So, maybe you’re the perfect length, but a little thickness would put her to climax.

Where Do 90 Percent of Guys Fall Into?

What Is the Average Penis Size

Wondering where everyone fits into the whole penis size spectrum? The review was able to provide us with the data needed to come to the following conclusions:

  • 5 out of 100 men had a penis of 6.3” or bigger
  • 5 out of 100 men had a penis of 4” or smaller

So, what does this data tell us?

If you fall between 4” and 6.3”, you’re in the 90% of men group.

There are obviously some men with even bigger penises, but the study doesn’t mention men that have penises that are over 6.3”, so it’s safe to assume that these men are far and few between, or they just weren’t involved in the study.

An interesting note is that the group did not mention the average girth any further. This is the circumference of the penis, and they may not have mentioned this figure because a lot of factors can influence girth.

Height Has a Small Impact on Length Indication

The study also tried to find any correlating factors that may be an indicator for a man having a bigger member. The only factor that seemed to have a viable impact was the height of a man. Taller men have a tendency to have a slightly bigger penis, but height only provided a slightly longer penis.

And the data doesn’t say how much influence height had on penis length.

Things to Consider When Looking at the Data

What is interesting is that the data did eliminate many myths about indicators of penis size.

For example, the review showed no correlation between the following and penis length.

  • – Weight
  • – Foot size
  • – Index finger length

Everyone has heard the rumors that a man with a big shoe size has a big penis, but this doesn’t seem to factor into the size of a penis at all.

Weight may provide a thicker girth, but this wasn’t mentioned in the study. In terms of length, weight didn’t seem to factor into the equation at all. Many men that are heavier often note that they “think” they have a smaller penis, but this is often due to their stomach protruding over their penis.

Many porn stars recommend losing weight if you want your penis to look bigger.

Micro Penises Were Not Mentioned

Obviously, a man would a micro penis would have a dramatic impact on the study. There was no mention of whether any of the men in the review had a micro penis. A man with a micro penis will normally have the condition discovered shortly after birth.

These men will have an average penis length of 2.5” – far smaller than the average penis size.

Hormonal treatments or penis enlargement methods are often used to help these individuals finally grow into their penis. This is especially true with hormonal treatments, which have been shown to be very effective at helping a man with a micro penis increase their penis length.

Ready For Some Good News?

No matter what end of the spectrum you fall into size wise, you don’t have to accept it.   With a professional penis extenders like SizeGenetics, you can safely and permanently add length to your unit.  If you are looking to increase your size and confidence, you have a full money back guarantee waiting on you.