Bathmate Girth Blaster Routine

How to Increase Girth Fast With The Bathmate Girth Blaster Routine

Want to increase girth fast?   Join the crowd.

Every man wishes they were bigger – at least most men do. We’re not talking about the select few that are hung like horses.

I’m talking about the average guy that has an average penis. If you fall into this category, you probably want to have a bigger penis. Length is how most men tend to judge their penis size, but is this entirely accurate?

Do women really want a longer penis?

Studies show that women prefer a thicker penis.

Of course, there are penises that are too small, too. But if you have an average penis, girth can make all the difference in the bedroom.  Even better, we have a proven method for you to increase your girth size quickly and permanently.

The Bathmate Girth Blaster Routine For Increasing Girth

bathmate girth blaster

There are a lot of ways to increase your girth, and while I could cover a few methods that show subpar results, the key most promising method is the: Bathmate girth blaster routine. Now, I know that when I look at these routines, I want to know what I am getting myself into.

And given a few discussions on Reddit and other forums, it seems people tend to gain:

  • 1 inch at the low end
  • 4+ inches in extreme cases

Some people will even experience an immediate increase in girth that will leave them with 0.5 inches or more in girth gains.   To be clear, these results are only permanent with continued training. When they happen on the first day, i is a great sign that you are a “responder”.  So we are not saying you will be bigger for life after 1 or 2 training sessions.   However, you will notice an immediate difference after the first session and that should be all the incentive you need to keep up with your Bathmate training routine.

So keep your expectations realistic at first as these inital results won’t last long but are a good guide on what you can expect with the right training routine.

To keep the gains, you need to be consistent  and use your Bathmate for 6+ months, you’ll experience girth gains that last.

To get the most out of the routine you’ll want to make sure you follow what everyone before you has done and add a few unique twists to reach that next level.

Ready for the girth blaster routine?

  1. Use hot water to increase blood flow before starting your sessions.
  2. Pump for 15 minutes in the shower at maximum pressure.
  3. Jelq for 10 minutes afterwards.

The key is to use hot water that is hot enough to tolerate and not burn yourself.

Why hot water?  The hot water will help with your girth gains by increasing blood flow and improving water retention.

Advanced tipIf you have a hot tub you may have found a short cut.

A lot of people are using these techniques in their hot tub as a male enhancement exercise.

People are seeing temp gains of 0.75″ to 1″ when following the techniques in the hot tub.

What’s a girth blaster?

That’s a great question. You see, a lot of people will use the 15 minutes at maximum pressure, but then they jelq afterwards. You’ll get great results with this routine, but girth blasters have been shown to be an even more powerful tool.

Girth blasters go like this:

  1. Warm up the penis. You want to warm your penis up for a few minutes. It seems trivial, but it will help for long-term results. You want to massage your penis and scrotum, and this only has to last for three or four minutes.
  2. First pumping. You’ll be following a long routine, but it always starts with the first pumping. You’ll want to add a cup of hot water into your Bathmate, attach the Bathmate and pump until you reach maximum pressure. This will ensure that no water escapes from the chamber. Pump for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the Bathmate.
  3. Perform slow squash jelqs. Slow squash jelqs (SSJ) should be performed when the penis is fully erect for 5 minutes or so.

You’ll follow this same routine for 3 times total. You’ll spend a good 45 minutes on the routine, but it provides amazing results. I do want to mention that you can refill the chamber with new hot water and I do recommend doing this after each repitiion.

A refill will provide the best expansion for the penis and allow you to reach your goals.

Tips Before You Perform Any PE Exercise

slow squash jelp

Don’t kid yourself, this is a male enhancement exercise that works very well but you need to be smart about how you approach your training. There are a few tips and tricks I would like to mention before explaining what SSJs are and how to perform them properly. Follow these tips for best results:

  • Always start when you’re fully erect.
  • Kegel exercises can be performed to fill the penis chamber with more blood.
  • Apply upward pressure to the penis to push the blood around the penis tissue.
  • Use a stretcher belt device (the Phallosan Forte is our choice) after words to keep your gains faster.

This is a total game changer of a routine, and if it’s something that you’re going to try, you need to do it consistently.

Gaining girth is a total science, so it’s definitely possible to add girth and length to your penis.   Studies show the results are real.

And while I have covered how to use the Bathmate properly for this exercise, you still need to learn how to perform slow squash jelqs.

How Do You Perform Slow Squash Jelqs

You want to start your session when you’ve got some blood flowing into the penile area.  This is crucial to get the most out of each training session and helps ensure that you’ll continue to do it, and persistence is the key to long-lasting results. When performing this exercise, you’ll want to start with a full erection, perform your Kegel exercises and follow this routine:

  • Perform Kegel exercises to fill the penis with maximum blood
  • Clamp off the base with your hand
  • Squeeze your glans
  • Clamp off again
  • Jelq upward very slowly using the clamped hand moving upward about an inch
  • Use the other hand’s palm to push the blood from the head of the penis to the clamped hand

You’ll follow this routine for about three minutes. The goal is to have the most expansion possible, and this means pushing the blood through the penis and really controlling it. Penile expansion is how you’ll add girth to the penis.

It’s a long-term process, but you’ll start to notice some rather impressive results right away.

Are Bathmate Girth Gains Permanent?

permanent girth gains

Yes, and as I mentioned above I also recommend using your Bathmate routine in combination with Phallosan.

You’re probably wondering why we recommend a belt style traction device instead of a rod based device like SizeGenetics.

The answer is two fold.

First, is the clinical studies on Phallosan Forte results. You see, Phallosan has been widely studied in Germany, and the Chief Physician at the Urological Clinic at Frankfurt’s Markus Hospital did a study on Phallosan between July 2005 and January 2006.

What the study found was that 100% of the patients experienced gains.

What type of gains did these men experience?

  • Length went from an average of 7.9 cm to 9.38 cm in just six months
  • Girth went from 10.6 cm to 11.4 cm in just six months with one patient going to 13.5 cm in girth

That’s impressive. Men that had curved penises also reduced their curvature from 60 degrees to 40 degrees. Every patient also noticed that they had harder, fuller erections with everyone also stating that they had a higher level of sensitivity.

Over 90% of the patients stated that they were 100% satisfied with the results that they experienced. 

bathmate size chart
Take your girth gains to the next level

It’s a study that really shed light on how well pumping works.

You can use this penis extender along with the Bathmate techniques that we mentioned above and see real results. Don’t forget that you can alternate between devices and use the blaster techniques to see long-lasting results.

Permanent gains are only experienced when you use any of these devices and techniques over the long-term. You want to put your penis and its tissues under massive pressure but not go so far to injure yourself. The goal is to force the penis to expand, cells to divide and healing to take place.

Again, keep your expectations realistic and do your due diligence.   You’re not going to be able to experience some kind of miracle in growth over night.

It’s all about putting in the time and effort to experience penis growth.

How long do you need to perform these exercises?

Some people recommend girth blasters daily but we don’t recommend that as you are more prone to injury without some rest period.

I recommend doing your routine at least five times a week for the best results. It will take quite some time for these results to stick around, so you’ll want to use the techniques for 6 months or so before really stopping.

Stopping too early typically leads to losing a lot of the gains you experienced.  The fact is that this method works and it works very well.  You need to challenge yourself to keep with the routine and be consistent.

So, keep at it and you can be confident that your results will follow. Keep in mind that you’ll notice your penis feel heavy and be thicker rapidly. The gains will stay for a few hours before subsiding during the first few weeks. If you dedicate yourself to the routine outlined above, in a few months, the gains will stick around allowing you to have a thicker penis.

Most importantly, you’ll have a penis that has the girth to satisfy your partner.   The confidence in your new size will go a long way to improving your overall sex life, allowing harder and more full erections.