bathmate vs sizegenetics

Bathmate vs Sizegenetics Results

Bathmate is a well-known brand in the penis enlargement industry for their popular HydroMax series, and it does provide great results for users. This is one of the industry’s most asked about products, and there is a lot of misleading information on Bathmate and penis pumps in general.

What’s wrong with penis pumps?

We’ll discuss the biggest concern in a little bit, and it’s a concern everyone needs to know about before they put their little guy at risk.

Remember, we’re talking about enlarging your penis – the very essence of your manhood.

Does Bathmate Really Work?


Yes. Bathmate does work very well.  It completely changed our minds about the ‘pump’ style products which prior to our Hydromax x30 trial we viewed as a flawed technology.  Turns out, that is not the case when you have a legit product.

The Basics

When you use a penis pump, a vacuum seal is formed around the penis. This seal will cause blood to be drawn to the penis causing you to become erect.

The idea is that the excess blood will enter into the penis’ chambers allowing them to stretch and grow over time.

This method is great when you add hot water to the HydroMax.  This aids in expansion and makes it easier for increased blood flow and ultimately your size gains.  This is called the ‘Bathmate girth blaster’ routine.   This is why we view the HydroMax x30 as the best water penis pump of all time.

As we said, our Bathmate results were impressive, especially if you are looking for instant girth increases. Studies show that users will gain  1/2” in size in a matter of 1 – 3 months, and this is close to the same level of SizeGenetics which everyone knows I’m a huge fan of.  However, the HydroMax device is a penis pump versus a penis extender and that comes with serious differences.  The good news is that the two PE devices can be used in combination for serious training.

And if you’ve ever seen SizeGenetics before and after pictures, you know the results are impressive.

Bathmate Hydromax Results

hydromax x series

As I mentioned above, the great thing about Bathmate is that the company offers a water penis pump design, known as a hydropump. And as you can imagine, water is far more comfortable than a dry penis pump and helps alleviate a lot of the dangers of traditional penis pumps. This allows users to be a lot more comfortable when using their pump, and it also helps to amplify the results, too.

It’s a solid product overall, very well built and looks to last the test of time.

This product makes great claims, too. Users only need to use the pump for 15 minutes a day, and they’ll experience:

  • Improved Sexual Performance: Since your penis is being trained to retain so much blood for a long period of time, it’s perfectly acceptable to think that your performance in the bedroom will benefit from this. Users claim that they’re able to last longer in bed and have far greater performances as a result.
  • Improved Penile Length and Girth: When blood is forced to remain in the penis’ chambers, they begin to expand and can lead to cell growth. This can lead to a 1 – 3-inch gain in penis length and a 30% increase in thickness, or girth.

A lot of guys stick with this product because they see results almost immediately.

What people don’t know is that these initial results are can be a bit misleading- consider it something like how your muscles can expand after a heavy weight lifting session.  The immediate “swole” that you feel with leave within 1 to 2 hours.  As long as you understand that, it can be useful to help make your gains from other extenders permanent.  We have seen many men get frustrated when their size deflates after this initial increase.  You need to be realistic in what a penis pump can deliver.  No product is going to deliver instant, permanent size gains.

So how can you benefit from this initial “swole” time period?

See, what happens is that the penis becomes swollen. The blood is forced into the penis making it swell over time and giving the user the appearance of being bigger, and maybe they’re bigger in size.

While some may view this a problem (swelling is the body’s response for healing – not for penis growth) we think it can be a great confidence boost before intercourse.

So, even though the initial results will go away once the swelling is gone- use it to your advantage.  With extended usage will lead to long-term gains, and this is what most people are after. No product will be able to increase your penis size dramatically overnight.  I would never trust a product that made this type of claim.  Educate yourself and go into your PE training with the right mindsight.  This is a tool to help you grow, not a miracle product.

So, if you’re wondering if Bathmate works for everyone – it does for the majority of guys that use it consistently.

Penis Pump Injury Concerns

Penis Pump Before And After
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I’m going to be honest: Bathmate is unlike any other penile pump we have used.

The issue with the old type of pumps is that they designed using the flawed penis pump ‘dry’ technology. This is a technology that has been in use for a long time but that doesn’t mean it was safe or ideal for real growth.

Injury risks are a real concern if you are not properly warmed up and ready.  Until we understood the ‘water’ based principal of the Bathmate series, we didn’t take it serious.  Once we learned about the techniques and how the water allows for increased blood flow, we instantly saw the potential.

Our favorite part is to use the Hydromax x30 as a warm up for our extended wear with our penis extender.

Obviously I’m a fan of SizeGenetics; it’s a penis stretcher and not a pump which is far safer for long term wear.  But you get the best of both worlds when you use 2 devices in your PE training.

It’s important to do your research when trying any product on such a sensitive body part.  The Mayo Clinic lists the following risks and side effects when using a penis pump:


  • If you’re on a blood thinning medication, even Advil or Motrin, you’re at a higher risk of bleeding when using a penis pump.
  • Users that have anemia or other blood disorders can suffer from increase risks of a blood clot or bleeding due to their penis pump usage.

I would like to add that these are the major risks that people need to be concerned about. None of the other side effects pose a major medical concern.

Side Effects

  • Petechia, or small red dots, can form under the skin. These dots are small dots of blood that are caused by the intense vacuum surrounding the penis.
  • Numbness can occur as well as a cold feeling from constriction.
  • Bruising and pain can occur with incorrect usage or too much suction.
  • Unnatural erection feeling. Many men state that their erections no longer feel natural, and a lot of men state that they lack the firmness they once had before using a penis pump.

Believe it or not, people over-train their penis using a pump which can cause them to lose the firm erections they once had. Some people cannot find the libido they once had leaving their partner out in the cold when it comes time to have sex.

Penis Pump Injury

Many men have stated that they cannot get an erection any longer.

This is a side effect, and it will reverse itself if the person stops using the pump and allows the penis to heal.

For me, this is horrifying and what kept me from testing any new penis pumps for many years.

The good news is that this old risky technology is not a concern with the Bathmate Hydromax series.

So while there are risks with every penis pump on the market- the technology in the Hydromax pumps goes above and beyond to make it safe and effective for serious penile growth.

Since a lot of the problems are caused by improper usage by the user, it’s understandable that some people suffer from side effects and others don’t. If you use the Bathmate as an extra aid for your PE training and not the main device- I can say with full confidence that it will help speed up your gains with either manual exercises or your extender that incrementally stretches the penis over time.

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I cannot stress this enough so let me close with it to reiterate.

Use your Bathmate pump as a warm-up for your SizeGenetics extended sessions or a pre-game confidence boost before you have intercourse.

You need to understand that if overnight results were possible, every man would be hung like a horse.   You also do not want to start any male enhancement program with unrealistic expectations.

This is a slow and steady race, and with SizeGenetics, you’re still able to achieve 1 – 2” of growth on average. You’ll be following a much safer method, and the results start to show after a month or two of usage (it’s different for everyone).

If you dedicate yourself to using this combination routinely over a 6-month period, you’ll be able to achieve your maximum potential. The Bathmate will help warm you up and get the blood flowing.  You can also use it right before having sex and go into that session with a big boost in confidence from your “swolen” member.

So, if you do want to get a jump see long-lasting penis growth, use the Bathmate Hydromax wisely.  This is the only pump product I trust and prefer it over any other product on the market today.

Bathmate Hydromax x30