HGH Penis Growth

Does HGH Make Your Penis Bigger?

HGH (human growth hormone), or just growth hormone (GH), is a natural peptide hormone found in the human body. The hormone is required to help with cell regeneration, cell reproduction and helps to stimulate growth.

The peptide is also an anabolic agent that has been used in sports because it gives competitors an unfair advantage.

As men age, this hormone begins to decrease in volume due to the pituitary gland producing less of the hormone.

There’s evidence of HGH penis growth which is documented in scientific research, too.

Men that are lacking strength, vigor, sexual prowess, suffer from smaller penile size and are losing muscle mass often supplement their body’s HGH production with GenF20 Plus.

This is a specially formulated HGH supplement shown to increase HGH levels by over 28%.

What is the Best Form of HGH?

Growth Factor Plus

Since the body naturally creates HGH, when there is a deficiency at some point, supplementation is required. When checking for the ‘best’ option you want to make sure your safe go-to growth hormone supplement has been 3rd party tested to verify the quality.

You can ask your doctor for a round of a medical-grade supplement, but this can get pricey quickly and will be on your medical record permanently.

Unless there’s a high risk of continued health problems, doctors normally won’t write you a script for it.

With that said, there are many cases that can benefit from a prescription form of human growth hormone.  We want to present you with some over the counter supplement options for guys looking to increase size naturally.

Where are addresses this to help prevent natural aging and even reverse small penis size.   Obviously, these aren’t enough to warrant a script, according to most specialists. You’ll find that a lot of the top actors, the older ones, use HGH because it makes them look younger and allows them to put on muscle mass, too.

But us regular folks have a much harder time getting a prescription for HGH so we have to be creative.

And if you want HGH for penile growth, this is rarely offered. So, while a doctor’s HGH therapy is great, you need an underlying condition that warrants this form of hormonal therapy.

The results of our study of 10 popular HGH boosters were surprising (our number supplement, Growth Factor Plus, was created to help short people grow taller after puberty).

While they are slower than what’s offered by hormonal therapists, they did have some advantages too:

  • Signifcantly cheaper cost
  • – Available to everyone
  • – Studies have shown increases  in HGH levels by as much as 28% or more in 12 weeks

So, the results are pretty darn impressive overall.


Human Growth Hormone and Penile Growth Studies

hgh penile growth

Skepticism can be put to rest by viewing studies on human growth hormone. There are studies on several benefits that HGH offers, and a lot of them revolve around penile growth and muscle gain. A few of the most impressive studies include:

  1. Israel Journal of Medical Science: This studied followed 20 participants suffering from isolated growth hormone deficiency. The study followed 13 people with penis sizes below the average, with just 2 of the participants not achieving normal size penises by the end of the first year of the study. The study found that penile size and testicular size were both impacted by HGH deficiency. The study confirms that penile growth and testicular growth occur with HGH supplementation.
  2. Journal of Urology: A study from 1996 was published in the Journal of Urology that included 8 participants with micropenises. This study found that the introduction of HGH was enough to produce a normal penis size in 87.5% of participants (7 out of 8). The results prove that the hormone, alone, can produce amazing penile growth.

Clinical studies also show that their supplement produces a 28% increase in human growth hormone in just 3 months. The study shows that IGF-1 levels, or insulin-like growth factor, was increased by 28.57% while the group that was on the placebo was in the –0.55% range. These were all men over the age of 40.

The study found that longer usage resulted in even higher HGH levels.

Numerous studies have been done on HGH that include everything from the abuse of the hormone in sports to anti-aging. Some of the most interesting studies include:

  1. Hormone Research: This is a very interesting study because it found that HGH therapy, even when combined with exercise, did little to boost skeletal muscle in young adults. The key finding was that unless a deficiency was present, as seen in men over 30, the results weren’t impressive. A healthy, non-deficient 20 year old will not benefit from supplementation. But a man over 40 with lower levels may be able to hit his peak strength as he did when he was in his 20s and didn’t lack HGH.
  2. British Journal of Sports Medicine: This study wanted to find out the reasoning and consequences of growth hormone doping in sports. Many of the world’s top athletes have been found using growth hormone as they age, but the detection period is low, so it’s hard to say how many athletes are using this therapy. The findings of the study found that athletes preferred HGH because of the anabolic benefits. The peptide was found to help with fat and carbohydrate metabolism, too.


HGH Benefits as a Whole

hgh benefits

HGH benefits are impressive, and there are a lot of benefits we’ve yet to discuss. Of course, GenF20 Plus benefits are the same since the supplement is shown to increase HGH levels. What’s interesting is that a lot of people can benefit from human growth hormone supplementation, but many doctors seem to shy away from prescribing the hormone.

Over-the-counter products are the way-to-go as long as you choose a high-end supplement.

A few of the benefits that are attributed to HGH are:

  • Muscle Strength: Collagen synthesis stimulation of the tendons and skeletal muscle help improve muscle strength. Older people benefit from this synthesis even more, allowing them to turn back the clock on their muscle growth.
  • Fracture Healing: The metabolism of bone is shown to increase with IGF-1, which allows for bone fractures to heal at a rapid rate.
  • Weight Loss: Lipolysis is increased with HGH, allowing for lower levels of fat. Fat and carbohydrate metabolism is also increased to allow for faster weight loss.
  • Stronger Bones: Bone replacement slows as a person gets older, allowing for weaker bones. HGH helps to replace bone rapidly for stronger bones overall with less fracturing and time spent healing.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Improvement: Recent studies point to HGH being able to stimulate the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle in the penis, allowing for improvement in erection for men suffering from ED.

There’s also been notable improvement in penile size, especially for men with smaller penises, when using an HGH supplement. When extenders and jelqing are added into the equation, the results are improved even further.

Many of the reviews note that men, while not taking the supplement for penis enhancement, noted penile size increase. Reviewers who have been using jelqing and extenders noted faster results and larger overall size gains when supplementing HGH.

Growth Factor Plus Reviews

Growth Factor Plus Reviews
This natural HGH releaser was created to help men grow taller.

A few of the reviews that stand out most in my mind include:

  • “This supplement took decades off my face, making me look 10 – 20 years younger.”
  • Everything has improved. My hair is thicker, my sex drive is incredible and I’m filled with energy.”
  • “I can sleep all night long. I have more energy and I have more muscle mass, too.”

When choosing this supplement, you’ll receive your HGH in pill form.   HGH.com also offers a high quality spray that further boosts the enhancing effects of HGH. Combining HGH pills and the spray add to the benefits of the supplement, allowing for:

  • -Better sleep
  • -Improved memory and focus
  • -Increase in lean muscle mass
  • -Higher sex drive
  • Penile growth
  • -Fewer wrinkles and fine lines
  • -Weight loss
  • -Stronger bones
  • -Better vision
  • -Increased mood and focus

The results start to amplify as your body begins to experience higher levels of HGH. This supplement is recommended by health specialists to their patients, and clinical studies show that the results match those that are experienced when going to the doctor for hormonal therapy.

It’s the scientifically proven supplement that has helped thousands of men restore their health and youth.

And if you’re having trouble in the bedroom, a bigger penis along with greater strength and the ability to last longer isn’t a bad thing.

So if you’re suffering from weaker muscles, a smaller penis or just the skin aging that makes you unrecognizable in the mirror, it’s time to make a commitment to your future.

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