Does Small Penis Impacts Married Life



The issue of penis size has been discussed over centuries with different people coming up with their own theories and ideas. To men, the penis size may be a very crucial issue in their sex life. But who knows, it might be true or false since it depends with very many factors.

However, when we talk about a man having a small penis what do we mean? It may bear different weight between different people. Some may have their own limits in terms of the size while there is what is believed to be a scientific record of penis sizes.



 Before you think of whether or not your penis will affect your marriage let look at the sizes. Is your penis really as small as you are claiming? According to research done, in many cases the issue of a small penis is in the mind of a man rather than the size itself.

However, there are instances where men have really small penises where they are referred to as micropenis. In such cases there is a reason for worry. Most men believe that women like men with large penises.Is it true? We are going to find out soon.

The average penis size of a man has been recorded to be 4.6-6.0 inches where up to 68% of men are in this category. 16 % are known to have larger and another 16% have smaller ones-micropenis.


Women’s Opinion

 To find out the truth about the relationship between the penis size and marriage we look at the opinion count among women. Women are mostly the subject matter when a man talks about the penis size affecting the marriage.

According to a research done over a long time, many women are satisfied by the size of their husband’s penis.These women accounted to 60%.They said that the penis size does not matter in a marriage. Their opinion is that marriage and sex is all about and romance. As a long as a man can treat a woman in the right way in bed then the penis size did not matter.

However, there are those few that have different desires altogether.Approxiamately 33.8% felt that the penis size matters. These women preferred much longer penis.To them the story was different. They preferred longer penis for their own reasons.

Some of them said that longer penis are able to reach the G-spot. This an anterior part of the wall of the vagina.It causes a different effects to the sensation experienced by women during sex.Nevertheless,there are women wo do not like a penis reaching the G-spot every time they have sex.


What about Micropenis?

 This is a different case. Some men think they have small penis after comparing themselves with other they have seen from their or in porn clips. Micropenis on the other side are born and naturally small. If you feel that your penis is that small then it may affect your marriage.

Men who think they have small penis will mostly have problems with their marriage. They tend to feel uncomfortable and with low self-esteem. They live in a life where they are not socially satisfied. As a result, they cannot satisfy their wives in bed. This affects the marriage.


What Can You Do About It?

 If you feel you have a small penis that might affect your marriage there are a number of steps you can follow to correct the issue. They include:

  • Take pills to enhance your penis.
  • Concentrate on the pleasures in the bed rather than the size to make your wife happy.
  • Try more of romance, love and intimacy in the bed. Many women enjoy romance in bed more than sex itself.