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You want a bigger penis, but you know the industry is plagued with frauds – it’s almost as bad as the diet industry. Manufacturers play off of the fear and insecurities of men, and they have made billions of dollars in the process.

But SizeGenetics is different.

Forget the medical endorsements and clinical studies that show just how well this product works for men just like you.

The manufacturer offers an unheard of guarantee:

  • Get a bigger penis or double your money back

Yup, you read that right: double your money back.

Someone wasn’t thinking that one through, or they decided that the offer was so good that the vast majority of men would get a bigger penis. It’s confidence in a product like this that makes a company’s product really stand out from the crowd.


How Long Do I Have To Wear SizeGenetics To Qualify For The Guarantee?

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You can’t expect a company to give a double refund without some requirements attached. The company’s outline requires the wearer to meet the following:

  1. Usage: A person must use their SizeGenetics for 120 consecutive days before returning the product.
  2. Results: A person must meet the usage requirements and not see an increase in size or penis curvature.
  3. Return: The product must be returned within a 6 month period beginning on the date of receiving the product.

[alert-announce]So, you have 4 months to use your penis extended and 6 months before the return is required.[/alert-announce]

The four month requirement is in place to ensure that the user, you, has used the product for a sufficient amount of time to see results. Many men will start seeing results in as little as a few weeks from starting their daily SizeGenetics routine.

If you meet all of these refund requirements, you’ll then be able to send in an email request with your documentation to the company. It’s a lot of material and documentation to provide, but it’s still worth the time and effort to receive double your money back.

SizeGenetics also needs to make sure that you’re not scamming them out of money.  Make sure you keep a detailed log of your daily wear, take before and after pictures with a measuring device (you should do this anyway for your own measurements).


Medical Endorsements

SizeGenetics is proven to work, and there are two top doctors that have thoroughly researched and endorsed it.

Dr. Finn Knudsen

Dr. Knudsen is a specialist in plastic surgery and is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. His focus on plastic surgery involves helping men enhance their penile size through surgical procedures.

His full endorsement of SizeGenetics includes recommending the product to patients as an alternative to plastic surgery.

He strongly recommends a traction device to help:

  • Reduce curavtures
  • Extend penis size

Dr. Knudsen offers his patients SizeGenetics as the leading penis extender on the market today. He has also stated that the medical type 1 device is the only device he recommends as a 100% safe penis extender.


Dr. Jorn Siana

Dr. Jorn Siana

Dr. Siana is a founding member of the International Association of Male Sexual Surgery and also a member of the American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He received his qualifications from the University of Copenhagen and has been a leading plastic and general surgeon since 1983.

He is the founder of SizeGenetics and has opened three private practices of his own.

Through clinical testing, Dr. Siana has created a leading male enhancement device that is an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

Both doctors are world known for their advancements and contributions for the world of penis enhancement. The doctors have used this product extensively over the last decade to help tens of thousands of men across the world experience positive male enhancement results.


A very important factor that must be considered is that you need to use your extender extensively over a period of four months. This is daily, documented usage that every man needs to write down. I even recommend taking pictures, meeting the requirements above, multiple times throughout the documentation process.

The key is to provide the company with enough documentation to guarantee that you’ll receive a refund.

It’s worth the effort and takes some time to get accustomed to wearing, but this penis extender is proven to work very well.

The results most people see start to present after just 3 – 4 weeks of wear and intensify as time goes on.

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