homemade penis pump diy guide

How to Make a Homemade Penis Pump

A bigger penis is what most men want more than anything else- even if they refuse to admit it. After all, being bigger means you can satisfy her just a little more, and men want to be her “best” every time they perform. Whether men want to admit it or not, we’re a little self-conscious about the size of our penis.

Forget surgery, too – it’s far too scary and risky.

Pills may or may not work (they rarely worked for me). But penis pumps have been clinically proven to work, right?

Now, I’m going to show you how to make a homemade penis pump, but I want to also caution you against doing so. A DIY penis pump can be dangerous – and you’re going to use it on one of your body’s most sensitive appendages.

Taking the DIY approach is a bit too risky for me

How to Make a Penis Pump

Again, I am not recommending that you make a penis pump. The risks far outweigh the benefits, and we’ll be talking about the dangers and disasters associated with penis pumps and other enlargement devices that aren’t professionally made.

Don’t get me wrong: I love saving money, and take a DIY approach with most things that I do, but not when it comes to my health or penis – no thank you.

Let’s begin.

Materials to Make a Penis Pump

  • Vacuum with hose
  • Cotton or gauze pads
  • Cutting tool
  • Tape
  • Empty plastic bottle

The bottle’s size should correspond with your size. You need to be able to fit your penis into the pump after cutting, so choose a bottle that is wide and long enough to satisfy the length of your penis.

Making the Tube

The first step is to cut your plastic bottle. You need to cut the base of the bottle first and try to ensure that the cut base is even all around. This is very important and will help to improve the suction of the pump.

You’ll want to place your vacuum’s hose on the top of the bottle and see if it fits over the cap’s top appropriately.

The hose will provide you with suction power, so this is a very important step. You may need to cut the top of the bottle if the hose does not fit, but this isn’t usually an issue unless the bottle is too large.

Again, you must ensure that your penis fits comfortably in the bottle when fully erect.

Line the Base of the Bottle

The base of the bottle will press against your groin. If you’ve ever touched a cut bottle before, the edges are often sharp enough to penetrate the skin. When something is pressed against the groin, the last thing you want is to risk cutting it. Ouch.

You’ll be using all of that tape and cotton to line the bottle as a protectant for you and your groin.

Line the base of the bottle with cotton or gauze pads.

Feel free to use glue or tape to ensure that the pads stay in place and will protect the penis and groin. Again, you want to err on the side of caution, so use the pads or cotton as freely as you like to protect your junk.

Creating the Vacuum Seal

The vacuum will be the “pump” behind this homemade penis pump, so this is one of the most important steps to take. Remove the cap of the bottle and put the vacuum hose over the top of the hole.

An issue that most people have is that the vacuum hose is too big.

If the hose is too big for the opening of the bottle, you need to close the gap using tape. Lots and lots of tape. The goal is to create a vacuum seal inside of the bottle that will force blood to the tip of the penis and keep you erect.

Line the interior of the bottle and the top with as much tape as needed to be able to achieve a tight vacuum seal. If you find that the seal isn’t tight enough, you won’t be able to realize the results that the best penis pump would offer.

Once you’re satisfied with your homemade penis pump’s seal, it’s time to give it a whirl.

Give Your DIY Penis Pump a Test Drive

The moment of truth is upon us. Place your penis inside of the bottle, and hold the base firmly against your groin to test out your comfort level.

If everything is good to go, you can switch on the vacuum’s hose and see how it really works.

This will be scary, so be ready to hit the off button faster than Bruce Lee can kick if something goes wrong. If you’re in the bottle firmly and everything seems fine, relax and wait for your penis to get erect.

Blood will be forced into the penis thanks to the vacuum seal.

If your soldier isn’t standing at attention, something is wrong. In most cases, you’ll need to pull out the tape roll (yes, you need more) and ensure that the seal is appropriate to get the right amount of suction on the bottle.

Personally, I’d rather stick with something that is proven to work and not damage your manhood, like the best penis extender (SizeGenetics) or if you insist on the pump style devices you would be much better of with a medical-grade device like the Penomet Pump.

Are Penis Pumps Dangerous?

In some cases, yes – and this is why I recommend a penis extender over a pump for new users.

There are quite a few concerns, listed on Mayoclinic, when using a penis pump:

  • Red Dots: A blood pressure surge to the penis isn’t natural when it is done with a vacuum. Red dots can form on the penis as a result. These dots are spots of blood and will go away in time.
  • Numbness: Some sites state that a penis pump can cause nerve damage, but I’m not sure this is true unless a person has some serious suction power available. Normally, a constriction band is placed on the penis, which can cause it to become numb, or a person keeps their penis in the pump for too long.
  • Painful Ejaculation: Interestingly, some people note that they feel like they can’t ejaculate afterwards or that they experience pain when ejaculating.

People on blood thinners or that have blood disorders will also want to avoid using penis pumps, as they can enhance blood conditions.

I’ve also heard of people suffering from severe bruising due to too much suction power or dramatic usage. It’s important to only keep the pump on as recommended and to not use a suction level that is too high. If you’re following the homemade penis pump guide above, ensure that the suction isn’t so powerful that it causes damage – for the sake of you and your partner(s).

And the results of a DIY devices are not equal to the results of a professional grade penis extender.

Why Are Professional Penis Pumps Are Safer Than Your Homemade Device

Professional pumps are safer because they do not too much pressure on the penis and this allows for a proper workout. Repeat this over time and your penis heals so that it grows over time. The idea is that it causes small tears in the penis. Don’t worry, these aren’t painful tears that cause you to run for an ice pack.

These small tears cause cell division to occur.

New blood cells rush to the area to repair the damage, and eventually, new tissue is formed, causing the penis to grow in both girth and length over time.

So, the right amount of forceful suction is what allows a penis pump, like Bathmate, to be far safer and more potent than any rod based extender or homemade pump.

But people have seen positive results with both methods.

I do want to point out two things about penis pumps:

  • The penis may look bigger initially until the swelling subsides.
  • It’s often difficult to get an erection for hours after the pumping process.

If you want a DIY method, a homemade penis pump may work. Then again it may end up putting you in the ER!

If you’re serious about your health and gains and don’t want to leave anything to chance with a suction style device, give a professional medical grade pump a try.