How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

When you’re a man, you can’t help but wonder about penis size. Maybe it’s something about being masculine, or maybe you’re just curious. I don’t think I ever met a man that didn’t think about the size of his penis at one point or another during his life.

It’s impossible not to think about your penis size when the pants come off.

Does size matter? Sure. The degree that penis size plays in sex differs from one woman to the next, but if your penis is too small, it won’t be able to truly satisfy her. The difference between a 7 and a 7 ¼” penis may not be big, but when you’re talking a difference between 5” and 6 ½”, there definitely is a difference.

The issue is how to measure your penis size correctly.

There isn’t exactly a guide that comes with every man telling him how to measure his penis size or girth. This is something that men have to figure out on their own, and we’re going to tell you how to measure the size of your penis correctly.

Measuring the Size of Your Penis

How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

Men have a lot of questions when it comes to measuring their penis. Measuring should be simple and easy, and it is once you know how to start.

You’re going to need a ruler, and make sure that you choose a ruler with a flat end that isn’t sharp. A wooden ruler works well for this purpose, and they’re easily found in most retailers. Walmart or somewhere similar will have a ruler available.

Measuring tapes where there is a stop will work well, too.

Now, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. #1 – Get Naked: You need to be naked. If you leave an article of clothes on, i.e. pants or boxers, you won’t be able to measure your penis size properly.
  2. #2 – Place the Ruler into the Groin: You’ll be measuring from the penis to the groin. If you have a large bush or you’re on the heavy side, you’ll need to push the ruler into your groin (the skin where the top of the penis is located).

You’ll want to shave your pubic hair if it’s getting in the way. Keep in mind that you’ll want to take measurements when you’re erect. This measurement can be done when you’re in the mood, or you can masturbate to get yourself fully erect.

If you measure a flaccid penis, you’ll be unhappy with the results.

Measuring Your Girth

Measuring Your Girth

The first time I heard someone say measure your “girth,” I had no idea what they were talking about. It was one of those conversations that you nod and act like you know what the other person is talking about out of fear of feeling dumb.

Well, I am going to spare you that feeling.

Your girth is the “circumference,” or thickness, of the penis. And this is able to be measured by using a tape measure. You’ll want a soft measurer – not the metal ones used by repair men. A sewing store will often have the right tape measurer for the job.

If you try measuring using another method, you’ll likely get the wrong measurement.

Now, you’ll want to be fully erect and naked from the waist down. You’ll need to determine which part of your “rod” or “shaft” looks the thickest. This is the area you’ll want to measure. You shouldn’t need anything bigger than a few inches.

All you have to do is to measure the circumference of the penis by wrapping the measurer around the penis.

That’s it. You successfully measured your girth.

You’ll want to write down these measurements and keep them safe if you’re trying to increase the length of your penis (more on that below).

Average Penis Size by Race

Average Penis Size by Race

A lot of people wonder is penis size genetic?

And this is a question that a lot of researchers have tried to answer. Since your size is an observable trait, it can be attributed to your father, mother or neither.

Genetic remixing when the egg and sperm meet can also lead to traits of neither parent.

There are 200 genes that are altered or mutated slightly when the sperm and egg meet. What all this means is that your size may not be attributed to your parents’ genes, and it could be a gene that you share alone.

Conflicting studies make it difficult to understand the average penis size by race. Men have always heard that African Americans have bigger penises, and a study by Ulster University affirmed many “beliefs” about penis size.

Average Penis Size By Country Stats

  • The Republic of Congo has men with a penis size of 7.1” on average
  • Ecuadorian men have an average penis size of 7”
  • Ghanaian men have an average penis size of 6.8”
  • Columbian men have an average penis size of 6.7”

African men have an average penis size of 6.3” on average. This covers the entire continent of Africa, so there may be white men included in the study, too.

Medium penis sizes are seen in many countries that have a majority of people being Caucasian:

  • Icelandic men have an average penis size of 6.5”
  • German men have an average penis size of 5.7”
  • Australian men have an average penis size of 5.2”
  • American men have an average penis size of 5.1”
  • Irish men have an average penis size of 5”

And this data is a little fuzzy, according to other research in the field.

Asian men had the smallest penis size, with Northeast Asians having an average penis size of 4.2”.

A recent study of 15,000 men of all different races found that men had an average penis size of 5.5” – 6.2”. The study also found that just 5% of men had an erect penis that was 6.3” in length or longer. So, if you’re in the 5” – 6” range, you’re in that average range.

How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

The penis chart displayed shows that 12 relevant studies on the matter was included.

What’s more interesting is that the same study found that there was no correlation between race and the size of a man’s penis. This is a shocker based on other studies, but it seems that more studies are pointing to race not being a deciding factor in penis size.

But the averages still hold true, despite conflicting data.

The average penis girth when erect was 4.59”, according to the study. Girth was 3.67” when the person was flaccid.

Increasing Penis Size

You may have measured the size of your penis and came across a startling find: you’re not as big as you thought. The good news is that there are ways to change all of this:

  • Jelqing Exercises: A lot of people wonder does jelqing work? And the answer is yes, if you do it right. These are exercises that can help you increase the length of your penis. We wrote a complete guide on jelqing, and we found that it only works with consistency. If you use an extender, it will work even better.
  • Penis Extenders: Be warned that a lot of penis extenders aren’t worth the money. But there are two models that work very well: SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte. Extenders work by dividing the cells found in penis tissue and working to increase length over time through rebuilding. This is much like when trying to lift weights to increase muscle size, but it’s with your penis.

Men can increase their penis size, in most cases, by 1” – 3” as long as they’re not at the top end of the penis size spectrum.

Jelqing exercises will allow you to enhance these results and will often make penis growth or extension move along faster. Expect to use an extender for 2+ months to be able to experience the best results.