bathmate hydromax7 (x30 series)

Bathmate hydromax7 (x30 Series)

Every guy wants to be hung like a horse, but honestly, I have always been rather average.  I don’t have a micro-penis – thankfully – but at some point every man wants to brag that their penis is big.   It’s like a vote of confidence, and when the pants come off, if you’re smaller, there is always that fear that maybe you’re too small.  Who wants to live with that kind of doubt or insecurity when there are legit options to naturally increase your size.

That is how I heard of Bathmate HydroMax x30 pump.

My first reaction was- what the heck is a penis pump?

Honestly, I was a bit confused at first (my only point of reference was Austin Powers).   But after I did a little digging, my research led me to think what the heck do I have to lose?

A 60-day money back guarantee protects every consumer. I didn’t really have much to lose since I can try it out and return it for a full refund with no questions asked. It seemed like a no brainer.

After reading a lot of Bathmate reviews online, I realized that the majority of guys reported an average gain   1” – 2”  in length, and this is more than enough for me.  I think it’s more than enough for most people to get a serious boost of confidence.

HydroMax7 First Impressions:  Impressive Design & Build

bathmate hydromax 7

I imagined that using a pump on my penis would be painful or uncomfortable. But this model comes equipped with a removable comfort pad, which is what sold me on the unit. These pads are ultra-soft, and they provide an even better seal against the body.

The seal protects the penis from the inside of the bellows pump.

You can remove pads and clean them, too.

A bellows pump, for anyone that doesn’t know, has been introduced into the X-Series by Hydromax so that the pump has 35% more power. This allows for a greater suction with less effort. The size has been increased, too, which allows for men with bigger girth (the width of the penis) to be able to fit their rod in the pump with ease.


I was scared that this pump didn’t use water. All I imagined was a hard suction on the most sensitive limb on my body – ouch. This model uses water so that the user is far more comfortable when trying to extend the size of their penis.

And the latest model includes something called a “superflow latch valve.”

I didn’t know what this was initially, but the company explained that this small change allows users to fill their pump with one hand.  This makes pumping a lot easier. You can get other exercises or “materials” ready.

A slow release is in place to ensure that the user doesn’t over pump – a nice safety feature.

There is also an imperial and metric measuring guide that makes it easier to track your progress. Everything seemed simple enough, and my Bathmate x30 results were impressive:

  • 1” after 1 month
  • 1.75” of length gain after 3 months
  • 3” of gain after 5 months

And a lot of people state that they reach between 2” and 3” of length gain with this model. I haven’t been able to achieve these results just yet, but 1.3” has been more than enough to boost my confidence in the bedroom.

If you’re after increased girth, the average gain is up to 1” in girth gain, according to the company.

Note: You’ll see an immediate gain that goes away. I think this has to do with swelling, but I am not sure. The trick is to use this pump for 6+ weeks for the results to “stick.” If you pump for 2 weeks and stop, you won’t see any lasting results.


I Must Have to Wear This Thing All Day – Right?

Not at all. I have heard of people that use a penis extender and have had to wear the device for 6+ hours. I didn’t want to commit to a schedule like that if I didn’t have to. Bathmate X30 requires 20 – 30 minutes of use every day or every other day.

Results seem to be much more potent when using the pump daily.

But if you find that you have discomfort or can’t devote time daily, there is the freedom of being able to use the x30 every other day.

I recommend this pump for 4 – 6 weeks to really see any results.

And if you’re huge – I mean 8” or so – you’ll need to go with the x40 version meant for larger penis.

Now, a lot of people seem to have success with using the x30 while they’re standing up in the shower. I’m assuming that these people weren’t cheap like me and purchased the shower strap accessory.

The water seems to spill out when standing up, and it’s a real hassle without the strap.

So, I found a compromise – take a bath with it.

Everyone can use a hot bath once in a while. You can lay back and relax while using the pump to stretch the penis and realize those gains I was just talking about. If you do plan on actually showering with this model attached, do yourself a favor and get a shower strap.

When using the Bathmate x30, it will feel like your penis is being stretched.

Don’t worry: this doesn’t hurt. It feels a little odd, but you will get used to the feeling after a few sessions.

As you can see, the Bathmate x30 pump before and after results are well worth the effort.

This penis pump has been reviewed by thousands of people, and they all agree on one thing: it works.

If you’re like me and a little self-conscious about your size, do something about it and try the Bathmate. It’s a natural, drug-free and surgery-free option to ensuring that your penis can please her.