Bathmate HydroMax9 (x40 series)

Bathmate Hydromax9 (x40)

hydromax x40 size chart

Is your small penis ruining your sex life? Men across the world are mentally killing themselves worried about the size of their penis. And sex is all mental. You can work with what you have to please your partner, but when you’re ashamed of your size or it just doesn’t compare to what he or she had in the past, it’s hard to overcome.

Even if you are above average in size, there is nothing wrong with trying to get bigger.  We understand that you want to satisfy your partner, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

The Bathmate X40 could be the answer to all of your penis-size problems. Science, not hype, helps support this claim.

You see, the X40 incorporates the globally patented design of the Bathmate company’s earlier models, and it is 15% larger than the award winning X30 Xtreme.

And if you’re looking at older models wondering why you would spend more on the X40, put the brakes on that thought. The newest model incorporates several advancements from a technological standpoint.

It’s a lot more powerful than the previous versions of the Bathmate, and it’s because the manufacturer listened to their consumers to make their penis pump better.

How to use the Hydromax X40 Pump

Stop worrying about hurting yourself or going through a huge ordeal to use the Bathmate X40. Before we even begin, know that this model is bigger and meant to help men that have a starting size of six inches.

Once we understand these size requirements, it’s easy to start using this pump:

  • Start a shower, or
  • Start a bath

Water is required to pressurize the unit. Water will go into the cylinder around your penis and apply pressure. Designed for larger men, this model can handle penises that are 11-inches in length and 7.7-inches in girth.

In other words, men with truly massive penises can use this penis pump.

Follow these steps to begin using the X40:

  1. Lock the valve
  2. Use the guides to place the comfort insert
  3. Fill the pump with water
  4. Place penis in the pump and form a tight seal on the pelvis
  5. Pump to create a vacuum

You’ll use the pump for 5 minutes, massage your penis for 30 seconds and repeat for a total of three times. Once you’re done, you can twist the valve to release the vacuum seal and remove the pump from your penis.

It’s really that simple.

Hydromax X40 Results

After the first time using the X40, you’ll be taken back by the size of your penis. It will be much bigger.

But, it’s only temporary.

You see, the pressure will cause some swelling in your penis the first few times you use the device, and the so-called “pump effect” will go away in just a day or so. You won’t be any bigger immediately, but over the course of three months, you’ll start to notice a substantial difference in length and girth.

People are bragging at the effectiveness of the X40:

  • I gained almost 0.5″ in length in a month. I’m very pleased.
  • I gained 0.4″ in girth and 0.95″ in length after just three months.
  • I’ve used this product for about three months and notice my erections are rock hard.

You can see gains of one-inch in penis length, too. It’s possible that you’ll even have better results than many of the people that have used and reviewed this product. The sky is the limit.

How does this all work? Science.

You know how lifting weights causes micro tears in your muscles? This is the same concept. Repair and growth can also lead to a larger, thicker penis. It takes time to really start seeing results in the gym, and it will take time to start seeing results in the bedroom, too.

The Bathmate X40 uses something called cell division. Your cells will start to split and divide because you’re applying so much pressure to the tissue. Penile tissue is slowly stretched, expanded and has small micro tears as a result.

Cell division occurs allowing the penis to repair and grow bigger over time.

It’s a process that makes sense, and it’s the same process people have been using for centuries to stretch their skin. Some cultures would even walk around with a weight on their penis to stretch it, and guess what? It worked.

The results of the X40 are only possible because the penis pump is based on scientific methods of penis enhancement.

How to Choose Between the Bathmate X40 vs X40 Xtreme

bathmate size chart

Both the X40 and X40 Xtreme will provide you with great results, and the Hydromax X40 Xtreme results aren’t much different than the previous model. What’s different is that this model comes with a lot of advancements:

  • Handball pump
  • Shower strap
  • Lube
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Hose attachments
  • Security lock

It’s all about the accessories with the Xtreme version. Yes, the accessories are nice, but they will cost you an additional $150.

For someone that doesn’t have the money to spend, this is a steep price to pay for a few accessories. Again, the accessories are helpful, but in the long run, you might be better off choosing the X40 because it’s more budget-friendly.

The handpump is a welcomed addition, so you might enjoy using it and see better results, too.

How Much is the Hydromax X40?

What price would you pay to experience:

  • Harder erections
  • More stamina in the bedroom
  • Penis length gains
  • Penis girth gains

For me, the price point of $199 seems like a bargain. It’s the perfect price point for a product that comes with a two-year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee. That’s right, you have 60 days to return this product if you don’t like it.

You’ll receive a full refund with no questions asked.

But you will need to return the product, too – you can’t keep it.

If you want to have a sex life that is legendary – one where you can brag all night long – Bathmate X40 is for you. Long-term, permanent results are possible. You just need to stick to your 15-minute routine for three months to start seeing results.

That’s really all you have to do to start experiencing massive gains.

It’s a no-brainer.

Click here to order your Bathmate X40 today and start achieving lifelong gains in just 90 days.

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