Natural Penis Enlargement Foods – Can What You Eat Really Impact Your Size?

I have recommended extenders, pumps and other male enhancement training techniques that the average man can use to increase his penis size. And while there’s a lot that you can do to make your penis bigger, one thing that is often overlooked is your diet.

You can eat penis enlargement foods – yes, they exist – that can help you add to your length and girth.

But, knowing which foods to eat to achieve growth can be a challenge. No one wakes up knowing that they can eat fruits to increase their penis size, or other foods that are able to boost size and increase hormone production.

Which Penis Enlargement Foods Actually Work?

Natural foods that can enlarge your penis

You can add these foods into your diet to start increasing your body’s hormone production and help boost your penile size. I want you to remember that penis growth is a long-term process, and this means that you need to eat these foods for months to see any results.

This is a natural process, and all-natural processes take time to be effective.

Are there really foods that help penile growth?

Yup, and they include:

Salmon (Omega-3 Seafoods)


I’m going to recommend salmon first because this is a big problem in the western diet.   You want to buy high-quality here, because it’s one of the cleanest, best seafoods you can eat. You’ll want to keep consumption to two times a week. When you eat salmon, you’ll be consuming a very lean protein but you’ll also benefit from the high level of omega 3 fatty acids.

As we mentioned, this fulfills a big void in that traditional western diet is lacking in omegas. Omegas are known as nature’s blood thinners, and this is because it helps thin the blood, allowing it to flow through your circulatory system more efficiently.

This means that your heart won’t have to work as hard, and when it’s time to get an erection, salmon’s blood-thinning qualities will allow more blood flow to enter the penis. When this happens, you’ll have harder, firmer erections.

Erections that are going to make you look and be bigger.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Plain Greek yogurt is a great option for a mid-day snack. When you have a normal serving, you’ll be consuming just 100 calories, and you’ll be helping fill your body with good-for-you bacteria and protein.

In terms of penile health, yogurt is able to balance out fluid imbalances in the body.

You’ll be able to increase intercourse duration, and your erection will be able to be held for longer. This dairy staple is high in potassium. A daily dose of yogurt is very good for your body, and it can also help your body:

  • Regulate sodium
  • Improve circulation

You’ll enter the bedroom with an erection that’s impressive at first sight.  Just think about trying to hit peak erection volume when you are dehydrated.   Most of the time, guys are completely clueless about hydration so adding this nutritious staple to your diet can eliminate this issue and keep your penile fluid levels optimal.



Onions are another food that is responsible for proper circulation and acts as a blood thinner. A versatile food, onions can be chopped up and put into your eggs in the morning or added into a variety of foods.

The sulfur in the onions helps thin the blood, so more blood is able to enter into the penile tissue.

When more blood is allowed to flow into this penis, this allows the penis to “swell” further to allow cells to duplicate and repair. It’s important that onions become part of your diet. They’ll help fill out your penis further, allowing for better intercourse as a result.

Herbs and Spices

Cayenne pepper

You know how herbs and spices help make a dish taste better?

Well, these same herbs and spices also have penile benefits. There are a lot to choose from, but the most common items that you’ll want to add into your food are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric

Why? All of these spices and herbs will help with blood flow and allow for proper circulation. You’ll also find a lot of anecdotal evidence that turmeric is able to help with a lot of health conditions, including offering a potential cancer risk reduction.   These are common ingredients in male enhancement pills and for good reason.  We have decades of research showing how effective they are for blood circulation.


best fruit to increase penis size

Perhaps the best fruit that increases penis size, bananas need to be an important part of your diet. Feel free to add them into your breakfast, or just eat a banana throughout the day. The zinc in bananas will help improve blood flow.

You’ll also be able to recover from a long night in the bedroom faster thanks to bananas.

If you want to benefit as much as you can from bananas, you’ll want to eat them raw and fresh.

Bananas are additionally heart-healthy. When you want a fruit that increases penile size, bananas are the best option.



A very important vegetable that should be in your diet. While broccoli with cheese is delicious, it’s not the healthiest option. I recommend a little bit of broccoli, steamed, with a few spices sprinkled on top.

What’s interesting about broccoli is that it’s not going to be able to increase penis size or girth.

Broccoli, on the other hand, will be able to strengthen your pelvic muscles. These are the muscles you’ll be using to perform in the bedroom. Now, if you’re not a fan of broccoli, a lot of people don’t like this veggie, you do have other options:

  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes

You can also eat tomatoes – my personal favorite. Broccoli is a superfood, and it’s considered a superfood because it’s filled with antioxidants and fiber. You’ll find that a lot of bodybuilders and fitness experts consume lots of broccoli.

And the high level of Vitamin C helps your body better absorb iron.



Trying to find an excuse to eat chocolate? Well, penis enlargement is one of them.

Dark chocolate is the best option, and this chocolate is filled with flavanols. Ideal for helping your penis fill with more blood, chocolate will allow your penis to become fully erect when it’s time to perform in the bedroom.

You can eat dark chocolate on its own, as a snack, or you can add it into your oatmeal or cereal in the morning.




You’ll find a lot of traditional Indian, Persian and Turkish cuisine include fenugreek. This ingredient is one of the most important on our list if you want to be able to extend your penis size.


Fenugreek has been highly studied, and it’s known to improve testosterone levels. One study found that 90% of participants were able to increase their testosterone levels with fenugreek. Sperm morphology increased as well as mental alertness.

Men that add fenugreek into their diet have sex more often, and they also have higher instances of morning wood.


Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, also known as Longjack, is a potent ingredient found in many male enhancement supplements. This ingredient, while a little harder to find than others, is from Southeast Asia and has been heavily studied, too.

What makes this ingredient important is that it’s able to help improve testosterone levels and strength in men.

When a man has low testosterone, his levels start dropping annually and he’ll start losing his sex drive. Longjack has the potential to reverse a lot of this testosterone loss, allowing a man to feel younger in the bedroom.

Testosterone is also vital for proper penile health.


If you eat eggs often, you’re already helping your penis enhancement and may not even realize it. Eggs are a great addition to your diet, and this is because their high in protein. But they also have the ability to help the body better control hormone levels.

Hormone level control is important to being able to perform in the bedroom.

And eggs are also an important part of building penile tissue. When you perform jelqing exercises or use an extender, you’ll find that your results are improved when you add eggs into your diet.

Since eggs are an important ingredient for building penile tissue, it’s important to make them a consistent part of your diet if you’re trying to maximize length and girth.

You can also add a few of the spices and herbs we talked about earlier into your eggs for maximum benefits – don’t forget a bit of garlic and onions.