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Are Penis Weights Worth The Risk?

Men want a bigger penis – I get it – but how much are you willing to risk in the process? If you are searching on how to make your dick bigger, do not hang weights from your penis!

It’s really this extreme.

Men are desperate enough to hang weights from their penis to make it bigger, and I applaud them for going the natural male enhancement route. But there are better ways to enhance the size of your penis, and penis weights aren’t it.

What Is Penis Hanging?

Penis hanging is the act of using penis weights for penis enlargement. Practitioners of this practice state that it’s been used by tribes for thousands of years to enhance their penis size. Rumors of tribesmen tying rocks to their penis have swirled around the Internet, but I can’t deny or verify this claim.

The idea is that the penis weights add tension to the penis and result in small micro-tears to the tissue.

And many claim that this is the same method bodybuilders use to gain muscle.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never thought of hanging a weight to my penis in hopes that it will grow. People claim 1/2” gains in as little as 3 – 4 weeks with this method, but ouch. High amounts of tension are placed on the penis for short durations.

You’re going to place massive weight on the penis, causing possible damage in the process.

Advanced exercisers are urged to avoid performing this method for more than three months because it can cause injury.

Honestly, it’s too risky for me.

Penis weights may work, but if you risk damaging your penis for a small chance of growth, you’re risking far too much.

Risks of Penis Weights and Penis Hanging

penis hanging

Men want bigger dicks. Period. But some men are willing to suffer immense pain in the process, causing irreparable damage to their penis in the process. The penis isn’t the same as your bicep, which can withstand heavy weight without bruising or damage.

[alert-warning]Your penis is meant for reproduction – not for weight lifting.[/alert-warning]

Hanging sessions require:

  •   5 pounds to weigh the penis down

What I don’t like about this process is that it doesn’t make sense. The body’s muscles grow through contractions. When you contract the bicep, the weight is brought to your chest and then you relax, lowering the weight to your side.

Muscle fibers breakdown in the process, and when they regrow, they grow back stronger.

If you were to hold 20 pound dumbbells at your side and not contract your biceps, your biceps will not grow from mere hanging. Other muscles, such as stabilizer muscles may have muscle fiber that breaks down in the process and grow, but not your bicep.

The same concept can be applied to penis weights.

With that said, stretching the penis may help increase length, which is what many penis weight companies suggest. The issue is how much are you willing to risk with your penis? Weights will cause a stretch on the penis, but one wrong move, and you’ll scream in pain.

The better solution is traction.

Penis extenders, for example, apply traction to the penis to stretch the penis and encourage growth.

This is far less risky and makes a lot more sense for penile growth.

Slow and steady wins the race with natural penis enhancement. Weights allow the user to make stupid mistakes, thinking they’ll experience enhanced results if they just push a little further.

When you use penis weights, you risk:

  • Bruising and broken blood vessels
  • Intense soreness and pain
  • Swelling and discomfort
  • Potential sensation loss

And these are just some of the risks you take with penis weights. If you go overboard, you may even damage the nerves in your penis, leading to a loss in sensation and function. While rare, this level of damage can occur.

Do People See Results With Penis Weights?

Review sites and people selling penis weights say they work, and the reviews from people that have tried it are mixed. Some people state that penis weights do, in fact, help them add inches to their penis.

But the results aren’t more impressive than jelqing or other techniques.

I’m the type of person that likes to take the path of least resistance, and with the high risk of penis hanging and weights, it seems to me there are better options than penis hanging.

And you know, if you look at people recommending this method, they state “it’s hands-free.” The problem is walking around with a 5-pound weigh hanging from your penis or the potential of sitting on a testicle lodged between a weight and your bodyweight.

You can’t tell me that it’s comfortable to walk around your house with a weight pulling on your most sensitive body part.

There are low percentages of people that see results, too. Under 25% of people see results after 3 – 4 weeks, and this percentage dwindles further as time goes on.

What Can You Do Besides Penis Weights?

Penis weights aren’t my first recommendation to increase the size of your penis. A few of the methods that have proven to be effective at increasing penile length and don’t come with dire consequences are:

  • Penis Extenders: A penis extender will slowly stretch the penis using traction to help the muscle fibers breakdown and heal to allow growth. This is the safe method of penis enhancement.
  • Jelqing: A free, easy way to increase your penis size. This is a method that works with consistency. Click here to view our full guide on jelqing.

And there are various stretching techniques that can help, too.

If you want to learn how to last longer in bed, Kegel exercises can lead to hours of more pleasure when you have sex. It’s all about making her feel good, and if you can last longer, she’ll appreciate the extra effort you’re putting into it.

We’ve also written a guide on how to have sex with a small penis (here), and this is something we recommend every man reads because it covers a lot of hot positions that you can try to blow her mind.