Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte was invented in Germany with the goal of helping men, just like you, through a patented system that provides two benefits: penis enlargement and straightening. Fourteen years of experience has gone into Phallosan Forte to make it an effective, proven way to experience penile growth.

What Is the Phallosan Forte?

What Is the Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is a penis extender, but it’s so much more, too. This extender follows the science behind mechanical stretching. What this means is that new cell and tissue formation are achieved through precision stretching.

The makers of Phallosan Forte uses tension to stimulate the penis tissue to form new cells.

And when used routinely, this leads to:

  • Increased length
  • Increased girth

Gentle in their approach, the Forte uses a vacuum seal to apply tension to the penis and allow for penile growth. The tension is applied to the entire penis, but unlike other products, the tension is nearly unnoticeable.

Designed to be soft and comfortable, Phallosan takes the aches, pains and discomfort out of the equation.

Users looking for a discreet product will find that this penis extender is:

  • Shipped in plain packaging
  • Billed with a discreet name

You’ll be able to order your penis extender without worrying that friends or family will know that you’re trying to add inches to your penis size.

Who makes the Phallosan extender?

Swiss Sana Anstalt.

The company, based in Germany, is very popular overseas and even has their product sold in many stores in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Phallosan Forte is such a popular choice that it has also been approved by the FDA, making it one of the rare penis extenders to have FDA approval.

But this has also opened up the doors for scammers that are trying to sell counterfeit products on Amazon and eBay. If you’re interested in this product, and I’m sure you will be after you see how easy it is to use, do yourself a favor and only order from the official manufacturer.

How to Use the Phallosan

phallosan forte how to guide

Before I go in-depth into how to use this extender, I want to point out a few key benefits of the Forte and what they mean for you:

  1. Gentle and active force is applied to the penis to promote growth.
  2. When following the manufacturer’s instructions, no side effects have been noted.
  3. Phallosan Forte can be worn under your clothes, remaining completely invisible to anyone around you.
  4. Protector cap allows for long periods of wear without pain.
  5. Users can confidently and comfortably wear their extender at night.
  6. Designed for users of all sizes.

Medical silicon is used in the product’s design, which is allergen-free. Leading urologists recommend Phallosan Forte to their clients, so you know that it has to work well. The average growth that people achieve, based on the company’s own clinical studies, is:

  • 9-inch increase in length
  • 0.2-inch increase in girth

Designed for comfort, I want you to keep in mind that this extender is unique in the fact that it can be worn while you sleep. Technically, most extenders can, but they’re very uncomfortable. Phallosan Forte remains comfortable while you sleep, meaning you don’t even need to wear it while you’re awake.

I do recommend that you give yourself a few weeks before attempting to sleep with the extender.

People normally start wearing their extender for two hours and then work themselves up to 8 – 10 hours.

Soft parts are included in the design of the extender, and there is no metal used at all. The “bell,” or vacuum suction cup, fits over the penis’ head followed by the sleeve condom, which rolls down the penis shaft.

There are a few other pieces of note:

  • Protector cap. The cap protects your penile glans from the vacuum seal, ensuring that the seal is not too strong. The protector cap also allows you to make quick adjustments to the tension.
  • Tension clip. The tension is supplied from vacuum force, but there’s also a clip that transfers the power between the belt and the suction bell. There’s a calibrated pull system and a color-coded system that allows for faster results. Green, yellow and red light systems make it easy to monitor and adjust tension levels.
  • Elastic belt. The stretching belt comes with a foam ring and is also made from non-allergenic material. The belt is designed to keep the Phallosan Forte in place and maintain suction even when moving.

You’ll find that the Phallosan Forte is simple and easy to use, and if you’re on the heavier side, the elastic belt is also manufactured in larger sizes to accommodate users of all sizes.

When you put on the extender, you’ll notice that the penis is pulled to one side. The pull should be noted because you’ll want to change sides every two days. The changing of the sides makes sure that the penis remains straight and can achieve its maximum length and girth.

I have heard of users feeling pain when they have an erection while wearing extenders, but Phallosan is designed to fight against this. Pressure may be felt, but the special sleeve has been designed to allow for slight expansion so that your penis doesn’t get hurt in the process

If you’re wearing your extender for 8 hours, you’ll inevitably have to go to the bathroom. For hygienic reasons, you’ll want to take off your device at this time. When you’re finished, simply put your extender back on and go about your day.

But you’ll need to wear the device for six months to see the best results.

Based on the company’s own recommendations and studies, wear for less than six months may produce results, but once wear stops, retraction may be observed. What this means is that you may gain 1″ in length in three months, but if you stopped right here, your penis may retract to 0.5″ gained instead.

It’s best to optimize your results and ensure that they’re long-lasting by wearing your extender for the long-term.

I have to mention a little more about the tension system that Phallosan has incorporated into their extender. Adjusting tension is usually a tedious process with most extenders, but Phallosan makes it so darn easy.

Adjusting the tension requires you to adjust the belt with a pull to the side.

No fussing with screws or bolts.

It’s a lot easier and faster to make adjustments with the Forte than nearly any extender I’ve reviewed. You’ll also find that taking it off is a lot faster, and putting it back on is also much faster.

Yes, the price is also much higher for the Forte,

The Forte costs $339, and you’ll have to plunk down $25 for shipping. The cost is considerable, but take a look at the results before making your final judgment.

Phallosan Forte Results

Phallosan Forte Results

You need to know something very important before you even consider buying this penis extender or any other: results take time.

If you plan on wearing the device for just a month, you might as well save your money.

Real results are able to be achieved during extended use. You’ll want to wear your extender for 3 – 6 months at a minimum. True, long-lasting results are achieved around the six-month mark. This is enough time to really achieve cellular growth that is sustainable.

According to the company’s own internal studies, the average gains after six months of usage were:

  • 9-inch increase in length
  • 0-inch increase in girth

And that’s pretty darn impressive if you ask me. For most people, that’s a minimum of a 30% increase in penis length, or close to it. You won’t be able to achieve these same results with stretching or jelqing exercises.

No way.

But let’s cut out the manufacturer for just a minute and see what other people have been able to achieve when using the Phallosan Forte over the long-term.

  • I used this product for 8 – 9 hours daily over the last 10 months and have gained 1.8 inches in length.
  • I’ve used this product for 10 months and went from 5.2″ to 6.0+”.

You’ll find dozens and dozens of reviews mentioning similar gains, but there’s something even more impressive that I want to discuss. If you’ve read the reviews, you’ll also see that people brag about the customer service.

And for me, this is very important.

Customer service is important when you’re spending $300+ on an extender. There are dozens of people that have had minor issues with their product. The company responds in minutes and will send out replacement parts as needed. It’s a great addition to a pricey product when a company is willing to keep their customers happy.

Phallosan Forte is a great product, and it’s one that we highly recommend as our #1 rated device. However, if you find the Phallosan to be too pricey, you really can’t go wrong with the Penomet pump as a proven Phallosan Forte alternative.

Penomet has proven results at a lower price which saves you over $250.

A few of our readers have also found great results by alternating or using both the Phallosan Forte and Penomet to deliver fast penile growth. Some call this advanced technique phalogentics.

Of course, you’ll need to have a higher budget if you plan on using both of these products at once.

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