What Is Male Edging?

Male edging is becoming very popular. And if you’re trying to enhance your performance in the bedroom, it’s essential that you know how to last longer.

Edging is a technique, or method really, that allows you to learn how to control your orgasm.

Male Edging Techniques
Edging = Get Close But Stay Away From The Finish Line.

Being able to control your orgasm allows you to:

  • Last longer
  • Please your partner

It’s all about going that extra minute or hour to be able to enjoy sex more. If you have those times when you ejaculate a lot faster than you had hoped, the right edging technique can help you overcome many of these shortcomings.


How Male Edging Improves Your Performance

Edging Techniques

Whenever you read male edging reviews, you’ll find a lot of people talking about not ejaculating as fast as you normally would, and this is the main performance enhancer. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, you know that it’s embarrassing, and it puts an end to your sex really quickly.

No one wants to leave their partner lying in bed, unsatisfied.

And this is where edging comes in. You’ll be able to learn how to control your performance so that you can go for far longer without ejaculating.

This is just the start of what edging can provide.

You’re working to enhance the way you control your orgasm, and as a result, you’ll also learn how to stay harder for longer. The erection will be harder, allowing you to please your partner even further.

A harder penis makes your penis just slightly bigger, and it gives you a nice confidence boost, too.

So, you’ll:

  • Control the speed of ejaculation to slow it down
  • Learn how to stay hard for a lot longer

But there are also benefits for you. Some men say that they’re able to control their ejaculation to the point where they will have an orgasm, but not ejaculate. This allows a man to feel double the pleasure and keep going, ensuring his partner is completely satisfied.

The Basics of Male Edging Techniques

A lot of men don’t want to watch male edging videos on their time off – it just feels wrong. The good news is that edging is something that can be learned without watching any videos, and there are actually a lot of techniques that can be performed.

As you advance in your technique and “training,” you’ll want to go beyond the basics, but the basics are the foundation to any successful edging routine.

How do you start edging?

  • Dedicate 20 – 30 minutes per day to edging (straight)
  • Find a place where you’ll have some privacy

You’ll be masturbating, so make sure you have the utmost privacy and everything you need to be able to clean up afterwards.

Now, it’s time to get down to business.

Step 1: Get an Erection

Who am I to tell you how to get hard? Do whatever it is you need to do to get turned on. Pop in a DVD, look at pictures online or watch a porno if you need a few ideas. Some men will train themselves to get hard pretty much on command.

Step 2: Lube Up and Start Masturbating

Trust me, you’ll need some lube if you expect to be able to go an entire edging session without rubbing yourself to the point where your rod begins to burn. A bit of silicone-based lubricant will do the trick.

You can also use lotions or other lubricants if you don’t have a commercial lubricant available.

The goal is to start masturbating, which needs to be done starting at the base of the penis and slowly moving upward towards the top of the penis.

Note: You want to go slow, and not like a feverish teenager.

Step 3: Wait Until You Feel Like You’re Close to Exploding

The point of no return (PONR) needs to be monitored the entire session.

You want to get somewhat close to the PONR and then move down to the bottom of your shaft, stopping when you get close to ejaculating.

Don’t feel bad if you ejaculate the first few times – it’s all about practice here.

You want to be able to work your way up to the point where if you didn’t control your orgasm, you would have a sticky mess in a second. It’s difficult, but you need to work on this control if you ever plan on being able to truly control your orgasm.

Step 4: Continue Masturbating

When you get close to ejaculating and have simmered everything down, you need to start masturbating again with the same level of control as before. The goal is to be able to do this for 20 – 30 minutes before pulling up your pants and calling it a session.

This is what edging is: getting to the edge where you’re so close to ejaculating and stopping.

You may be tempted to finish, but a normal session doesn’t end with a finish. The goal is to be able to control the orgasm.

Once you’ve done this for two weeks or so, you’ll start to notice a difference in your performance. This is a process that works rather quickly, and it makes an enormous difference in your sex life, too.

This isn’t an immediate cure for pre-ejaculation, but it will help you gain the control needed to improve your performance in the bedroom quickly and efficiently.

Male edging is just one of the many techniques that people can use to enhance their stamina in the bedroom. The specific goals you have will be able to determine what techniques or methods you should be doing to have better stamina and performance.

A person that suffers from being a “two-minute man” or really does have problems with premature ejaculation will want to give edging a try.

This isn’t a method that will give you a bigger penis, so don’t expect to notice any growth gains. If you want to use edging as a way to last longer and are open to other techniques, too, jelqing may be an option.  This will help you enhance your penis “gains” and can be used alongside stretches to enhance your penis size naturally.