You Should Know The Facts Behind The Small Penis

You Should Know The Facts Behind The Small Penis

You Should Know The Facts Behind The Small Penis

All men are born and created differently. This means that there are differences in their behaviors, body looks, size and shapes. However, the penis is the most important part of a man according to many people. Most men also believe that the penis is a sign of manhood.

Secondly, there have been concerns among most men in terms of their penis size. Most of them are not satisfied by the size of their penis. However, according to scientific research, there are those men with large penis, average and small penis sizes. There biggest concerns comes with the small penis size. Here is what you need to know.


What Size Is a Small Penis?

 This is a disturbing question that has been asked for centuries especially by men. There have been different stories and people giving answers to this question. Scientifically, research has been done for a long time and results given concerning human penis sizes.

According to research done on thousands of men, the average size of an erect penis is between 12cm -16cm.However,there are cases where a person may have an extremely small penis and they are referred to as micropenis.This is if the penis is smaller than 7.7cm when erect. Other men have also considered themselves to have a small penis depending on their opinion.


Facts about Small Penis


The issue of having a small penis has been associated by several stories where some of them are myths while others are true.However, here are some facts behind the small penis.

  • Can Be Caused By Genetic Malformation


It has been discovered that having a small penis can be caused by some genetic formation problems.However, these malformations are not associated to the chromosomes.


  • Drugs Can Cause Small Penis Size


The development of the human penis is highly related to the type of sexual hormones produced in the body. In case one takes any substances that interfere with this type of balance then the development process is altered.

Some fertility drugs relating to oestrogen are highly related to the cause of a small penis.


  • Testicular Development Is Related To Small Penis


The testicles are very crucial parts of a man’s sexual organs.Testicles are supposed to have a normal development and functioning so that your body can be sexually active and functional. According to research, abnormal development of the testicles contributes to a small penis.

There are different infections that can lead to this. They include; Klinefelter syndrome, testicular dysgenesis among others.


  • Small Penis Are Not Inherited


Some people have failed to understand the cause of a small penis or everything else related to the issue. As a result, some believe that having a small penis is a family thing, it is not true. A small penis cannot be inherited.

However, the condition can happen as a result of some gene abnormalities. This is not passed on to the offspring. Some of these abnormalities happen in the womb.


  • Small Body Size Is Not Related To Small Penis


It is also another type of myth that people have believed. There has been no scientific prove that your penis size may be determined by your body size.


  • There Treatments For The Small Penis


Some people believe that a small penis is a condition that one should live with forever. However, there are proven treatment measures that you can use to deal with the small size.

These treatment options may include:

  • Exercises
  • Surgery
  • Pills
  • Devices

Having a small penis to a man can be mostly embarrassing and may lower your self-esteem. However, do not believe myths from people since all it’s not gone.